Saturday, February 28

Fantasizing ABOUT a Job

Fantasizing about LEAVING a job is quite different than fantasizing ABOUT a job; and let's not confuse a "Fantasy" job with the "Ideal" job either (yeah we have a lot going on here don't we). Let's talk about this.

If asked, what is your ideal job you could say for example, 'working with the NFL' or 'the front office of a Major League baseball team'. If asked about your fantasy job on the other hand, you might say 'Quarterbacking the New England Patriots' or 'waking up tomorrow morning as Eric Clapton'; the first being near impossible, the second clearly impossible.

Over the years 100's of people who were asked about their "ideal" had responded with their "fantasy" instead. You know what? For many of these folks their fantasy became their reality, in a manner of speaking. Now to be fair, if you ask me if the attorney who said she wanted to be 'professional football fan for a living' become one I'd say 'no'; nevertheless, from her comment and the results of some deep-level questioning that followed - "unveiling & validating" - I learned a great deal about her: motivations, style, values, core competencies; her likes, dislikes and job satisfaction factors, and more; and thus the job and environment that would suit her best. This became the focus and direction of her Job Search Campaign.

Let's try it with you - What's your fantasy job?

If you could wave a magic wand and have the job of your dreams (you can let your feet rise off the ground now and get your head in the clouds to answer) ... what would it be?

Let's see what I can do that might help you. Let's see what OTHERS reading this might ALSO suggest that might help, AND ... if you who are reading this happen to be someone who is LIVING THAT FANTASY heck ... share it with us; for that's what community is all about, right?

So, what's the challenge ... What's YOUR fantasy job?


Re-post from February: Ever think about leaving it all behind?

Here it is ... 3 months later: I thought this was worth re-posting. Didn't get much attention then; maybe it will now.

You show me someone who is successful in his/her job who hasn’t fantasized getting in the car and leaving it all behind and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t drive.

Have YOU had a similar Fantasy? Are you thinking about it now? Perhaps you’re someone who already did it and succeeded ... or not.

What did you do? Would you do it again? What advice could you give others? If you didn't do it, WHY?

The banks are a mess, the auto industry in the U.S. is a mess, unemployment is NOT getting any better, we're all out of money, gas prices are on the rise and ... oh yeah ... the planet is melting! If this is a sign of the times ahead, and I believe it is, these questions and the thoughts that provoke them must be on a lot of people’s minds. What can YOU tell us that may help some?

What do YOU think?


Saturday, February 14

Sales Vs. Management

A woman on a plane found herself seated next to a priest. While passing through some very rough weather the woman, obviously shaken, turned to the priest and asked, "Father, isn't there anything you can do?' to which he replied, "I'm very sorry, ma'am, but I'm in sales not management."

What's ResumePro Pus?

Only recently incorporated as RésuméPro Plus, RT RésuméPro was originally launched in 1993 as a volunteer effort and outreach to provide guidance to job searchers in need.

Rob Taub brought his marketing skills and talents to the community first writing "tip" articles, then authored a newsletter, Outplacement Insights, and began offering "free consulting services" at job fairs and community organizations.

Today RésuméPro Plus helps recent Grads, young on-the-rise professionals, middle-managers and top execs exploit opportunities by selling their solution not their history.

Tips for the Interview

Here are some InterViewPoints...

Few people realize it but the most important thing is not a dollar figure. Far more important is the nature of the job itself. Once the responsibilities and budget have been determined, a salary range and incentives will follow. If you can get in early you can shape the job and accordingly, the compensation package.

The importance of being prepared with questions as well as with commentary cannot be stressed too heavily. People buy your questions sometimes more so than your answers. Being forearmed in this manner will have significant impact and separate you from the competition.

Caution! Too many success stories while explaining your potential contributions may seem contrived. Try to give examples of actions you took to improve a situation,or change some conditions or advance a needed strategy... and let the other party probe for more details for which you are prepared. Being prepared in this manner will appear less rehearsed.

First and lasting impressions can be more under YOUR control if you are aware that skilled interviewers asking for verifiable accomplishments are also listening carefully for any signs of stress or anxiety or subtle anger – all typical of a “talker” not a “doer”.

Okay... WHY RésuméPro Plus?

Although most resumes today are designed by skilled professional “writers” they often result in a history of ‘been there and done that’ whereas the RésuméPro Plus résumé is created by a professional who is first and foremost a “marketer” and then skilled creative writer; and in true marketing form, steers employer interest to you by instilling confidence in your Brand and proving product competence (your unique value). Now more than ever you need to pre-sell your brand and its potential. Just as targeted advertising pre-sells consumers so that they enter the point of purchase already desiring the product, the RésuméPro Plus targets your assets to potential employers’ needs, so that you’re more likely to be invited in for an opportunity.